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cupcakes designs in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

cupcakes have taken over the world. Those little wonders have been re-created in hundreds of different flavor combinations and served in shops all across the United States. With cute wrappers and funny sounding names, they tempt you with their size and keep you coming back for their incredible taste and texture. Their huge following will keep new shops opening up to capitalize on the demand for this delicious miniature treat.

The problem comes when you want something fancier than just frosting swirled on top. Many shops do not offer designer cupcakes or, if they do, they are at a price some are not willing to pay. What happens when you want to have designer cupcakes for an event? Create them at home.

For little girls, the sky is the limit. Dip a regular sized marshmallow into some melted chocolate, remove the excess and set on the center of a cupcake. Decorate the cupcake section with buttercream frosting like a tutu (use tip 104) or a dress in their favorite color.

For cupcake purses, put two regular sized cupcakes together end to end and cut the bottom with a serrated knife so that it sits level on the plate. Now you’re ready to decorate with buttercream or fondant.

Like sparkles? Take your frosting covered cupcake and dip into sugar crystals. Use wax paper strips to section off your cupcake. All white sugar crystals would look like a sparkling light. Colored cupcakes lined up in rows would make a powerful statement on a table.

For a beautiful vase, put two cupcakes together top end to top end and frost. Chill and wrap with a strip of fondant. You can add fondant or buttercream flowers to the top.

Make baskets by adding jelly beans in the middle of your frosted cupcake and a basketweave fondant or frosting border around the edge. Take a thin piece of licorice and stick the ends down into the cupcake on either side to make the handle.

At craft stores, they have cake pans with four cavities that make miniature doll cakes. These are single serving sizes that you can add miniature doll picks to make special cakes for your little princess and her friends.

Chocolate is a woman’s best friend. Want to make her happy? Take some chilled ganache, mold it into the shape of a marshmallow and dip it into melted mint chocolate and sit on the center of a chocolate cupcake. Decorate with chocolate buttercream frosting like a fancy dress, add a chocolate covered coffee bean on top, and you have a cupcake worthy of her taste buds. Want a different combination? The sky is the limit. Try lemon cake with cheesecake that has been frozen, and then cut out with miniature round cutters and set on top. Frost with whipping cream.

Surprise your guests by adding filling to your cupcakes. This makes them stand apart from anything store bought. Lemon filling can be spread over the cupcakes once they are cooled and then you can add your buttercream. Ganache can be made into different flavors and spread across your cupcake before frosting. Use different colored wrappers to keep track of all your different flavors.

Edible chocolate or hard candy jewels are available to add a little bling to your treats as well as fondant that can be rolled, cut out in disks or custom designs to make your occasion as special as the cupcake you made for it.

Need an idea for a boy’s party or men? Boys and grown men would get excited over a cupcake bar. Use the mini loaf pans to make their cupcakes so it’s not the same old round shape. Think Texas sized cupcakes for the man in your life who wants a “country slice.” Crushed up Oreo cookies, cut-up Reese cups, gummi worms, chocolate syrup, caramel, whipped cream, and M&M’s are just some of the things you could put out in small bowls to let them create the cupcake of their dreams.

Having a theme party? Use that same cake pan with four cavities for a boy’s party, and you can make treasure sacks, adding M&M’s as the treasure on top. Party stores have rings for theme parties and these can be inserted into the top for a great presentation. During the holidays, these same pans can be used to make Santa’s sacks with red buttercream or fondant.

With just a little imagination, you can come up with a lot of designer cupcake designs that will make you glad you took the time to create them at home.

Have fun!

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Source by: Debra J. Mosely

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