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It is possible to support different levels of a cake by making use of a tier cake stand. This type of pastry stand can be used for different auspicious occasions including weddings and birthdays. There are usually two to three tiers present on the pastry stands. One will be amazed to come in terms with the fact that it is possible to have multiple tiers for fancy cakes. There are different sizes and varieties of stands presented in the market place. The different types of stands available in the market place include 2 tier as well as 3 tier stands. The two tier as well as the three tier cake supports can be used to complement the wedding pastry as well.

The diameter of cake stand ranges from eight to twenty five inches. Specialized pastry supports can be constructed which can hold cakes of various sizes. It is also doable to support cup cakes as well. There are a number of finishes associated with the pastry supports. Some of the well known designs associated with the cake supports include glass and porcelain. There can be no doubt about the fact that a glass pastry stand can prove to be a perfect addition to the collection of tableware. Glass pastry stands are presented in various shapes apart from the round styles that are available.

Wedding cake stand can be termed as classic supporting frame that is available along with an art work design pattern. The unique style of the above mentioned pastry stand makes it possible to incorporate both traditional as well as contemporary design pattern. It is also possible to use the above mentioned pastry stand for holding cakes of various sizes and styles. The cost is affected by the number of tiers that are present. The general rule states that greater the number of tiers, higher is the cost.

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