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Think of a party that celebrates the special day of your kid. Was it ever without a cake? The cake is almost as symbolic as cutting the red ribbon and embarking upon a new journey. It is that red ribbon that marks the beginning of a new year filled with new experiences and new learning. Throughout history, cakes have been given a lot of significance. So, how did the whole concept originate? Let us take a peek into the history of the cake.

It is believed that the ancient Greeks are responsible for starting the tradition. In Greece honey cakes and bread were specially baked on such special days. In Rome on the other hand, cakes were reserved for the 50th birthday of an individual. On this day, a special one was baked using honey, olive oil, cheese and wheat flour. In Rome, such celebrations were not limited to people. The Romans celebrated the birthday parties of kings and other members of the royal family. All such parties deserved a cake especially when the celebration was to commemorate 50 years of existence.

Many historians also give credit to the Germans for starting the tradition of cakes on these special days. It is believed that the Germans baked special cakes to resemble Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. This was used to honor the day that Jesus was born. This concept was also extended to kinderfests, a day exclusively to celebrate the birth of a child.

Of all the types of cakes, the ones baked in England were the most fun. These were always baked with a special goody inside it. This was like hiding a gift inside the cake. How interesting! They mixed small items like cakes and thimbles into the cake. If the person who cut the cake found the coin first, it meant that he was lucky and would be healthy. If the individual was really unlucky, he would find a thimble first. It was believed that he who found the thimble would never be married! Even today, this culture is carried on, but the goodies hidden are fake coins and small candies. Also, there is no concept of good and bad luck with these goodies.

No cake is complete without the candle. If you can manage to blow off all the candles in one breath, then any wish you make will come true. In the olden days, candles were blown with a special purpose. It was believed that the smoke that emerged from the candles would take the wishes of the individual to heaven.

So you see, the birthday cake is more than an ordinary cake. It is a tradition that has several interpretations across the globe. Every cake baked for a special birthday party is the symbol of beliefs and traditions that have been carried along generations.

A simple and most memorable addition to a tempting birthday cake is a personalized birthday gift that is sure to add an extra charm to any birthday celebration. There are an ample number of options to choose from but the best addition is what holds the power to add a surprising element. This then makes a complete birthday package.

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